Older Relatives Caring for Children

A man and young child hugging

Lancaster County Office of Aging provides support for grandparents and other older relatives who care for children (under 18). The Caregiver Support Program helps to address the unique challenges facing these kinship caregivers.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Caregiver must be 55 or older
  • Must be a relative (not biological parent) and a primary caregiver of a child under 18
  • Must live with the child they are caring for
  • Must meet income requirements

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance to reimburse spending on services and supplies related to caregiving, including:

  • Respite or childcare to provide caregiver relief
  • Financial, legal and supportive counseling
  • Daycare, summer camp and other recreational/extracurricular activities
  • Educational expenses, such as school supplies, tutoring and after school programs
  • Infant formula and baby food
  • Adaptive modifications and assistive devices