Caregivers of older adults face many challenges. The Office of Aging’s Caregiver Support Program provides counseling for caregivers, reimbursement for caregiving expenses, and information about resources available through other organizations.

See a list of caregiver resources in Lancaster County (PDF), including local and online support groups, websites, technology for caregivers, and more.

Learning Opportunities

 Skills2Care is an occupational therapy program for caregivers of people with dementia. 

Caregiver Support Program 

The PA Caregiver Support Program ( CSP ) works to ease the the stresses of caregiving by focusing on well being of the caregiver. The program provides the primary caregiver with reimbursement for out- of -pocket costs associated with caregiving , such as respite, caregiving related services and supplies. The program also offers education , training, counseling  and more. Referrals for CSP can be made by using the " Make a Referral "link our home page. Click here to go to the PA Department of Aging's website to learn more about this program. 

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Caregiver Newsletters

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Helpful Information For Caregivers

Resources For Caregivers Of Older Adults (PDF)
Resources For Caregivers Of Children (PDF)
Guide To Choosing Adult Day Programs (PDF)

Adult Day Services in Lancaster County
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Driving and Dementia: Starting the Conversation and Driving

Pennsylvania has started a hotline for grandparents raising grandchildren and other families in kinship care situations. It’s called KinConnector, and it can be reached by calling 1-866-546-2111